Energy Efficient Wood Doors

Achieve a Level of Comfort

Keeping your home comfortable and energy efficiency is a matter of managing heat gain and loss. Heat constantly moves from its source to colder areas of the home. It also quickly rises as it is less dense and lighter than cold air. It is a constant battle to retain heat in the winter and block heat from entering in the summer. Ultimately, we will lose this battle, as it’s impossible to control it completely in a house, but we can slow it down and achieve a level of comfort.

Slowing Heat Gain and Loss

To slow heat gain and loss we can use a variety of insulating materials in our attic space, floors, and walls. Depending on the product we use we can expect different insulating values or performance in slowing the transfer of heat in or out of our home. This transfer rate is measure in “R” value. (R=resistance). In other words, the materials we use to build our homes can resist the movement or displacement of heat. This is an especially challenging thing to do around doors and windows or large openings in the buildings structure.

Windows and Doors Have an R-Rating

As a company that makes and promotes solid wood doors, one question asked often of GH Woodworking is, what R-value do solid wood doors have? The answer is Solid-core wood exterior doors have insulating properties naturally inherent in wood. The R-value of a 1 3/4-inch wood door is 3.03. The resistance to heat transfer is better the thicker the material is. For example, A 2 1/4-inch solid wood door, has an R-value of 3.70.

Compared to Metal

Compared to a Metal foam insulated door 2-inches thick you get on average am R-value of 15. However, when it comes to exterior door R-values the door itself shouldn’t be the focus. Why? With all doors and windows, the quality of their installation can be the biggest contributor to heat transfer rates. If weather stripping, and insulation between the door and framed wall is done right, the R-value of the door surface is insignificant.

Energy Efficient Wood Doors by GH Woodworking
Exterior Door by GH Woodworking

Doors by Guelph Heritage Woodworking

Guelph Heritage Woodworking uses materials that don’t warp or shrink, and their installer is highly skilled. He views your home as his own while installing your wood door, and every effort is made to minimise heat gain and loss. Solid wood exterior doors are viable, even practical in the coldest Canadian cities. Order yours today and see why more and more people are going to wood.