Best Way to Improve Curb Appeal

Replace Your Front Door

As the main entrance to your home, the front door is often the first place to make an improvement. Google it. Landscape companies and real estate companies alike, when listing the best way to improve curb appeal they almost always make #1 the front door. After all it is the first thing most people see, and first impressions matter. Updating your front door can add value to your home.

What’s the Best Type of Door?

What type of front door is considered an upgrade in the current real estate market? Solid wood doors are becoming a more popular choice as they add charm and warmth to modern homes. Although some houses benefit by bright colour, for most people, black metal or dark stained solid wood doors are the trend and according to one study, bring more money during resale.

No Delay with GH Woodworking

COVID-19 has created shortages of material for most major door and window manufacturers. As a result, prices have increased significantly for traditional front doors. Now, for what you would pay for a regular front door Guelph Heritage Woodworking can make you a custom solid wood door for comparable cost. You can choose the type of wood, the door design, the colour and fixtures. The best part is you don’t have to wait 9 months to get it! Usually, your GH Woodworking door can be ready in just a few weeks from design to installation.

Warm and Comfortable

Some have asked, do wood doors provide the same R-value (insulation rating) as traditional metal doors? The answer is yes, they provide warmth and comfort and a provide significant protection from the cold if installed properly. Read our post “Wood Doors and Insulation Value.