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Vaughn Mulligan

A Wide Range of Woodworking Services

Guelph Heritage Woodworking features the beautiful wood products of Vaughn Mulligan. Vaughn has been a cabinet maker for decades and has an eye for quality. He always looks for ways to improve upon well known designs. With a complete and organized shop, GH Woodworking offers many wood related services including restorations, cabinet making, specialised furniture, and beautiful home décor. Vaughn got his start building custom wood exterior doors, but his love for the trade moved him to expand his scope.

Exterior & Interior Custom Wood Doors

Looking for a new front door? Whether you’re replacing one or looking for something for a new home that’s unique and personal, consider a custom solid wood exterior door from GH Woodworking.

The cost of traditional modern doors has skyrocketed since the pandemic due to material costs and shortages. GH Woodworking wood doors are competitive in price and unlike anything else. You can have a say in the design. Get exactly the look you want, including a variety of wood types and colours. Solid wood doors provide excellent insulating value when built properly. Read our post “Best Way to Increase Curb Appeal“.

Worried about the insulating value (R-value) of an exterior wood door. Read our post “Energy Efficient Wood Doors” about how a wood door can be just as efficient as a metal insulated door.

Wood Exterior Door by GH Woodworking in Guelph, ON
Woodworking Services Cabinets
GH Woodworkin Cabinet

Custom Cabinets and Vanities

Expect More from GH Woodworking. Vaughn has built his reputation on quality, honesty, and a commitment to excellence over his 20+ years of building cabinets. These same principals are the foundation on which he created Guelph Heritage Woodworking. “I want people to see the difference between massed produced products and the craftmanship I provide.” – Vaughn

From bathroom and kitchen woodworking projects to custom furniture builds, GH Woodworking takes the same careful approach to deliver high-quality, long-lasting cabinets that will delight even those with the highest expectations.

Charcuterie Boards

Everyone who has experienced a charcuterie board appetiser (pronounced [shar-koo-tuh–ree]) remembers a great experience. Charcuterie boards are meats response to the cheese board, it’s often loaded with smoked meat, cheese, fruit, jams, bread, and crackers. It doesn’t matter who you are there’s something on that platter for everyone. There is no end to the possible variations, not to mention the wine that’s often paired with them.

Charcuterie Boards can be made with specific themes for holidays and special occasions. Often the herbs and fruit included is seasonal to celebrate the time of year. GH Woodworking makes beautiful charcuterie boards, and they can be found in restaurants and wineries throughout Ontario. Order yours now or buy one at The Wine Cellar in Kitchener, ON. Our favorite wine maker.

Charcuterie Boards - Woodworking Services
GH Woodworking Charcuterie Boards
Toddler safety step ladder

Custom Furniture

GH Woodworking designs and builds custom wood furniture. From special creations for children and disabled clients to end tables and tall hutches with secret drawers. If you can think it, Vaughn can build it. Do you have a piece of furniture you love and want to add to it with matching additions? GH Woodworking can use any kind of wood and match wood colours of existing furniture to make all your custom pieces match.

GH Woodworking reserves the right to accept or turn down any project sent. Please do not upload or send anything you want to keep confidential. We are not responsible to protect proprietary information uploaded to our site.

For example, this toddler safety step ladder allows your little one to stand safely at the sink enabling them to wash up, brush teeth and be more independent at a younger age.

You can upload files including images (jpg, png, pdf) that show details of your product design that you would like us to build via the “FREE No Obligation Quote” form on our contact page.