The Guelph Heritage Adirondack Chair

Taking an existing design and re-engineering it to be better has advanced our modern world into what it is today. That entrepreneurial spirit is what lies behind the new Guelph Heritage Adirondack Chair or in Canada the Guelph Heritage Muskoka Chair. Trust a Canadian to refine relaxing outdoors.

So, what makes this chair design superior to other Muskoka chairs? Guelph Heritage Woodworking has made five improvements to the already loved Canadian icon.

1) Wider and More Contoured Arm Rests

The Guelph Heritage Adirondack Chair has noticeably more space for elbows, forearms, and hands that may or may not be holding a cold beverage. Arms can easily rest in more natural positions, making relaxing and tanning in the sun that much more appealing.

2) Calf Cut-outs

Anyone spending hours napping in ordinary Adirondack’s may have woken to soar calf muscles or red soar calves from the bottom edge of the chair.  Guelph Heritage Muskoka Chairs have a needed cut-out so your legs can rest without obstruction. The solution shouldn’t be to sleep less, rather making it more comfortable, so naps last longer is the Ontarians way of doing things.

3) Wheels

Another GH Woodworking original adaption to the typical Muskoka chair is the addition of back wheels that begin to assist when the front of the chair raises. Why scrape and scratch up your deck? And why exacerbate the effort needed to reposition? Back wheels on a Muskoka chair just makes sense, just don’t let the kids use them for unintended races or stunts.

The Guelph Heritage Adirondack Chair
The Guelph Heritage Adirondack Chair

4) Slightly Tighter Gaps & Rounded Edges

Tighter gaps in the spaces between wood spars makes for a better dispersing of your body surface, which reduces pressure points and makes the chair more comfortable. Well sanded rounded edges make the chair look and feel more inviting. Yes, hard wood can be a soft seat if shaped and sanded properly to fit the human form.

5) Glued, Screwed, and Sealed

A Guelph Heritage Adirondack Chair is glued and screwed together making it solid, like a chair carved from one large log. Afterall, it’s not a rocking chair. A GH Woodworking chair remains stiff and last longer than mass produced versions. Then when finished, your chair is sealed from the harsh Canadian weather with several coats of varnish and or stain, in a variety of colors.

With a long cold winter ending and summer just over the horizon, NOW is the time to order your custom, re-engineered, ultra comfortable Guelph Heritage Adirondack Chair.