Pergola and Garden Swing Project

Recent Pergola and Garden Swing

Guelph Heritage Woodworking has been busy this summer. A large pergola and garden swing was just completed, and it turned out beautiful. The project started with the customer inquiring about a garden swing. However, after looking at various photos of swings and seeing how some of them were incorporated into a Pergola style structure, the decision was to go big. The combination of a Pergola and swing would enhance the beauty of the pool & patio area. In addition, the structure would be large enough to showcase their patio furniture with the swing as a focal point. The Pergola is built so that in the future a privacy screen of either lattice or louvers could be added.

Pergolas can be built in almost any size but keep in mind that some municipalities may have bylaws governing the size of outdoor structures. This Pergola was easy to anchor because of the patio surface being concrete. Pergolas built on pavers, or a wooden deck would need support posts anchored in concrete.

Pergola and Garden Swing Requirements

A requirement for this swing was that it needed to be large enough for adults to use and durable enough for kids to use. An added custom bonus is the fold down tray with two cup holders, making it a practical place to enjoy a cool drink. The swing is made from White Oak, a good choice for attractive outdoor use and stained in grey, which matched with their existing outdoor furniture.

Quality and Comfort

The swing can comfortably support 3 adults and all metal hardware is made from Stainless Steel for corrosion resistance. The screws used in the construction were recessed and plugged with grain matching White Oak plugs so no clothing can get snagged. All wooden edges were rounded over for extra comfort. Many swings have the support chain pass through the armrest, but we extended the chain on ours, so the armrest was clear to do its job of an unobstructed area for your arm. The seat and back support of the bench is ergonomically designed for comfort yet is still easy to get out of.

Choose Your Own Materials

We can build garden swings from a variety of quality woods suitable for outdoor use and they don’t have to be attached to a 10′ x 12′ structure. They can be made from much smaller self-supporting structures and even have decorative features such as planter boxes added.

Have something similar in mind for your home? Call G.H. Woodworking today and lets get started! See more pictures of the Pergola and Garden Swing in Our Gallery.